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Families Are Blessings of the Lord!

By Grace Hope and Love PRAYS!

When I turn about looking back and sides to the right left all the way to Heaven, I see none so appreciative than my families. Families are rooted into me by understanding that I’m a Prophetess but someone that can pray any time of the day making them aware that I’m always here for you. The truth of the sayings of the wise is that whenever we don’t see the person we should either check on them or pray for them. Well, my gift from God is security of Protection as long as they continue to Honor what I do for God, reading the Bible at any length and worship God. Who is Jesus inside my family. God is eternal God and He is the God of the Ancient of Days. I’m very blessed to have my blessings from Him by His prophecies that all of my families will eventually enter Heaven at his or her appointed timing. The Lord is graceful slow to act on His marvelous promises.

Whenever we accepts each other as loving and kindness forgiveness is divinely connected. The Bible in the book of Exodus, chapter recommended to read is Exodus 20 quoting of the Ten Commandments. The commandments we believe in is real and honoring the commandments helps us to grow in deep love of God. I once had a tangible love of God that nothing matters but God and honoring all the Holidays of the Jews makes the smiles of the Holy Angels and the Lord very amazing and melts of the love of God on your tongue of laughters. The sins which God sees are mostly the Ten Commandments and the statements of Jesus. In Matthew 22:37-40, Love was the main goal. Without love pf God it is impossible to carry on the legacy of the Holy One Jesus Christ son of God.

Mom & Dad

My family carries the love of God deeply. The love of God is what we need to appreciates the family Prophetess Delphine Collins, Pastors Bennie Weeks who don’t seems to end praying for me; Lawrence Weeks, Mother Weeks is our family advisers. My church is in the middle of Minneapolis and rural cities. What we learn from our Pastors today are the ways and characters we should carry. When we view families we should say appreciation of acceptance of the Holy One. The Lord is gracious and pure in everything. However, we may sin and fallen short unto His Glory. The Glory is what we should give to God all of our lives. “hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds; who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high;”

‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭1:2-3‬ ‭KJV‬‬

We should appreciate our Uncle Kwame Oldpa Weeks who has been working endlessly interviewing Liberian communities inside the heart of Liberia. So many people have been blessed by what he does. We are blessed to have him as a patient uncle although left in sadness of hope we are very glad to have people like him to up lift our uncle in confidence and hopes always. Many applications to his wife and children who have been managing without children. We are grateful to his lifestyles and character of being a good man. There are some families who are truly blessing by owning radio shows and Facebook live shows and has been blessings to thousands. Such as the Gilman family. May the gracious Lord God be with them all now and always.

Prophetess Delphine Collins Cousins: Mr Mrs Octavious Gilman

Most appreciation to Prophetess Delphine Collins Leaders at the Lord’s Church who has been praying for her stability and really been blessings to her for such a great times. The Leader is Pastor Yong-Doo Kim (Korea) and local Pastor Thao Xiong St. Paul Minnesota. Catch the Prophetess online on her YouTube Channel Subscribe Today!

Find her also on Facebook Pages GRACE HOPE & LOVE PRAYS

Prophetess Delphine Collins, Leader : Mentor

The way she made her fundings are through precious gifts from Mother Weeks Collins and Brothers Benjamin, Kevin, Ashley: Food deliveries instacart, Bitesquad. Acceptance of citizens rights support today.

She sometimes works at the companies of Instawork. Connect with your Prophetess if you want to try out something for fun while you make money.

What Is Prophetess Delphine Collins Doing?

Currently, she is enhancing her website to appear professionally; Jewish Style Anointing Oils; Authentic Essential Oils such as Myrrh, Frankincense, & more…; Holiday Natural Candles; Natural Stone Jewelries and much more…

The products will be made from Home. All of which are freed but with donations! The donations will be used to support the Prophetess to better enhanced lifestyle; donations to orphanage homes and much amazing opportunities as they would come.

The job of the Prophetess is to pleased the Officers who enlisted her as it is written in 2 Timothy 2. The Officers job is to bring the joy of helping in reading the Bible, Worship, Prayers, and Connections with Leaders. Thank You Holy Lord, GOD!

Click Here to watch the video of Prophetess Delphine Collins: YouTube Click Subscribe!

Thank You for being part of my life mentally spiritually physically and all of the above.

Happy Holidays!

Prophetess Delphine Collins

Leader, Prophete


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