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Thanksgiving Greetings: 2021

Dear Beloved:

Greetings of thanksgiving be upon you! The testing is surely at hand and we must be ready for the worse around us. We must be ready to wear the full armor of God, Ephesians 6:10-19 and submit to the Holy Spirit to what the hearts of the Father wants and what He truly desires for His children. My dear Loved, the Father is God; HE is God of love and purity. The one stance of He always will always be filled in love and compassion. The God we serve today is all about the disciples and those who have truly accepted Him as Lord and Savior. Yahweh is not only about those who are saved by grace but also those who are still seeking the truth. We must become examples of our behaviors and personalities.

We must adore His Holy Spirit as our best friend by hearing inside of our inner spirits. The inner spirits are the messages He has given unto to us. The Holy Spirit still speaks and He will guide us to all truth and righteousness. The truth is what is still available in the pure hearts. We surrender to the Lord today to let Him know we are grateful and we are sorry for our sins and asking for deep forgiveness. We must always be strong even when the battle becomes hardest and nothing is left to dependency upon! The Lord shows me that Pastor Yong-doo Kim still available for counseling and still is accepting new comers inside any of his friendly churches to hear the authentic messages. If you are farther, visit the YouTube page to watch his current revivals.

The enemy is stopping some important servants from seeking God’s Will and desires. We must learn obedience to the word of God worship God and even sing to Him. When we repent, we must feel His wounded heart and wounded personal. One importance of accepting hurts is to talk to someone else about the hurts highly recommended by a Church Leader or even the Pastor or the Lead Pastor. The Leaders must be cleanse pure in their leadership. We should always be willing to forgive. The dealings of the hurts becomes too intense to handle for both parties sometimes we sit still and comes to understand the truth of why we went through the truth so that it doesn’t happens again. The Leadership God gave to Church Leaders are to cherish in and adore while working as His Brides of Christ. As it is, “Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.”

‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:20‬ ‭KJV‬‬

To be an ambassador for Jesus Christ is to accepts who you are to God 24/7 all day, week, months, years…. Whenever we forget repentance and seats upon the grace of God becomes immediate.

Just this evening, the Lord Spoke about disobedience to His Leaders and why we must not disobey. We must learn to seek God’s will for all saints wether leaders or none but we must not be afraid to declare the truth to those leaders who have sinned and failures to repent. This is very hard for leaders to go back and feels ashamed for what they’ve done but sometimes when you end from those sins and come to the Lord in brokenness then comes truth silence and removing the old news but remembering what you have been through and telling yourself that you are no longer that person who used to sin. You are all ambassadors. Being ambassador, purity and loving kindness

Here is what we must do as prophets, we must read more books, we must wait upon the Lord God and do His works always. We must submit to the voice of God and always rejoice. The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is immediate! The other Sunday, there were wind blowing at my glass window that I had to step out of my higher bed. Of course, I wasn’t afraid but with the fears of earthquake and the signs of the end we must be prepared to speak the truth and declare God’s will for us and His Holy Spirit we must obey always. When we find ourselves in disobedience we must learn to sink our hearts in obedience to repentance. The repentance leaders do is to accept the wrongs and the hurts done to the Heart of God. The heart of God is always important to the Hearts of the Prophets as in Jeremiah 1:5. When we do repent we get slowly guided to the truth.

When we know the signs such as spoken for in Joel 2:28-29, that old men shall dream dreams is at hand. We must be prepared to do the Will of the Heavenly Father. Seeking the future, more than goodness will happen as long as we have full faith in the Lord God.

Are you having dreams visions and seems real? Then, you are loving in the dreams of the end time. What is the endtime, the endtime is the signs of which things such as wars, rumors of wars, starvation, pestilence, and hurts of disobedience happens in the lives of families and friend.

The Bible wants us to stay strong and stay faithful to whatever we puts our hands into for the Sake of His Children. We live in the world of strong disobedience to the spoken truth of the commandments, Love of God and our neighbors.

The words of the truth and the truth that sets us all freed.

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