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Caraway Seed Oil has a distinctive aromatic profile that is often used for culinary purposes. Caraway has many additional health and wellness benefits however, and is a wonderful addition to any essential oil collection.

Medicinally, Caraway Oil is often used to support digestive health and reduce heartburn. It is a natural expectorant as well, making it a wonderful addition to any cold and flu remedy. Its powerful astringent qualities also make it a great addition to any skincare regimen.

Caraway's uplifting and energizing profile pairs especially well with orange, lavender, ginger, frankincense, chamomile, coriander, and basil.

Botanical Name: Carum bretschneideri Wolff
Family Name: Apiaceae
Common Names: Meridian Fennel, Persian Cumin
INCI: Carum Carvi (Caraway) Seed oil
Parts Used: Seeds
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Scent: Sweet, Spicy, Herbaceous, Fruity
Appearance: Light Yellow liquid

Caraway Seed Essential Oil 1 oz

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