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Blue Lotus oil is also known as Egyptian Lotus or Blue Water Lily. It is exceptionally rare among oils and is known for its captivating and mysterious persona.Blue Lotus Oil is high in squalane, which is the bodies natural chemical for moisture and hydrations. This oil is cleansing and moisturizing, making it a perfect addition to skin and hair care.Blue Lotus Oil has an intoxicating floral scent that promotes well-being, tranquility, euphoria, and even sexual desire.


Botanical Name: Nymphaea tetragonaFamily Name: NymphaeaceaeCommon Names: Egyptian Lotus, Blue Water LilyINCI: Nymphaea coerulea flower extracParts Used: FlowersExtraction Method: Steam DistilledScent: Delicate, FloralAppearance: Yellow liquidNatural: Yes

Natural Blue Lotus Essential Oil 1 oz

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