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Camphor Essential Oil is a powerful and healing oil native to Spain. It is important to note that only the White variety can be used for aromatic and medicinal purposes.

Camphor Oil is commonly used to treat respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Cosmetically, it is used to soothe inflammation and calm skin irritations. Medicinally, Camphor Essential Oil stimulates blood circulation and reduces the intensity of anxiety, convulsions, and even physical pain.

Its fresh and woody profile blends especially well with basil, cajeput, chamomile, lavender, and melissa.

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum camphora
Family Name: Lauraceae
Common Names: True Camphor, Common Camphor, Gum Camphor, and Formosa Camphor
INCI: Cinnamomum camphora (Camphor) Bark Oil
Parts Used: Leaf
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Scent: Fresh, Intense, and Woody
Appearance: Yellowish to reddish brown oil

Natural Organic Camphor Essential Oil 1 oz

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