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Botanical Name: Petitgrain Bigarade
Family Name: Rutaceae
Common Names: Bitter Orange
INCI: Citrus aurantium amara (Bitter Orange) Leaf Oil
Parts Used: Leaves 
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Scent: Fresh, sweet, yet tart with subtle floral and woody characteristics
Appearance: Yellow to Brown yellow


Petitgrain oil, also known as Bitter Orange Leaf oil, has a characteristically pleasant and unique aroma, as well as a long history of use in healthcare.

A powerful, natural antioxidant, petitgrain oil has long been used to boost and support the immune and cardiovascular system. Cosmetically, it is a great choice to battle acne as well as having many anti-aging benefits. It also makes a wonderful sleep aid for those suffering from insomnia.

Petitgrain oil has a pleasantly fresh and floral aroma and pairs well with orange, geranium, chamomile, bergamot, rosemary, and lavender.


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